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Fulks has managed a nearly impossible task. He has taken an event seared into the memories of those there - and those just in front of the television sets - and produced a piece of art that is immediately epic in scope and yet personal to any reader of this that has either a heart, a soul or both. He also did it in a form that makes you actively question how this could possibly be his first novel. Any recounting of the horrific events associated with Hurricane Katrina are bound to trend towards the maudlin. Yet Fulks has so cleverly avoided this obvious conclusion by deftly combining the humorous and the devastating in a fashion that is seamless, fascinating and powerful. And it all works very well together in this unexpected syncopation. He has also found a way to be exceptionally effective in developing a sense of suspense. A feat that is rather remarkable given the nation's familiarity with the broad overview of Katrina.

- The Vitamin Press (9/11/11)

If you live on the Gulf Coast, you need to read this because you will be able to feel your own voice in the pages. As the author points out, those of us on the Coast were pretty much ignored by the national media. We don't have the power and politics to give our area the voice we deserve. When men step forward to put their story in print for themselves and all of us, we should read those stories.

- from ggluvbug @ Amazon.com

First I want to tell you what this book isn't. This isn't fiction. It is a true story. The events are real and the people are real. Amazingly, it reads like fiction however. You might find it hard to believe some of the events described. In the span of this book, you will see what the author experienced up to, during and after Hurricane Katrina - one of the worst natural disasters in US history.

- from Scott @ Amazon.com

By writing in a very personal way and holding back nothing, William Fulks gives a view of this disaster that was missed by the national media. I really did not know how much damage was done to the Gulf Coast, as the media focused on New Orleans and the Superdome. The writing is crisp and detailed. The alternating time-lines might confuse some readers, but the chapters are labeled clearly enough to help the reader switch gears. If you like autobiographical books and you want to learn more about the effects of Hurricane Katrina, this is a way to read about it without getting overwhelmed by the tragedy.

- from Christian McCallister, a Top 500 Reviewer @ Amazon.com

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