Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I purchase a copy of your book?

Answer: You have several options available, as I have tried to be as accomodating as possible.

  1. If you want the ebook, you can buy it at,,, and the iTunes Bookstore.
  2. If you want the printed book, you can order it from, my printer, or directly from me using the PayPal link below.
  3. If you do not wish to pay online, just print and mail me this order form along with a check or money order to the address on the form.

Question: How long will it take for the book to arrive?

Answer: The turnaround time is usally less than two weeks, if not sooner. I will keep limited supplies on hand and you can see inventory numbers via the online order form. Otherwise, the printer ( will print and mail it directly to you.

Question: Do you offer bulk rate discounts?

Answer: My printer ( does, but I do not. The more you order at a time, the better the discount. At checkout time on their site, it will tell you how many more you need to add to get the cheaper rate.

Question: Can I save on shipping and meet you somewhere to pick up a copy?

Answer: I would love to personally deliver every copy of my book to my customers, but unfortunately this is not possible. My wife and I both work full time and will be taking turns making trips to the post office to ship books as they are ordered.

Question: May I come to your house and pick up a copy?

Answer: Absolutely not. Please respect my privacy.

Question: How do I contact the author?

Answer:If you have any questions or comments, please email


Where to buy Katrina Wedding:

The ebook is currently available at for Kindle readers, Barnes & Noble for Nook readers, iTunes Bookstore for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad users, and Smashwords.

The printed book is now available from,, or direct from the author. It is also available in the following stores along the Mississippi gulf coast: Bay Books in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Made Mississippi Proud in Gulfport, and Landers Fine Art and Framing in Gulfport.

If you would like to pay by check or money order, please print and mail this order form.

Buy direct from the printer using
Price: $15.95
Shipping: $3.99
Note: Lulu offers bulk rate discounts.
Buy direct from
Price: $15.95
Shipping: $3.99
Note: For Amazon account holders.
Buy direct from the author using
Price: $15.95 (tax included)
Shipping: $2.95
Note: Limited quantities available.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.